Carrasquilla: We have to give Revisalud an ultimatum to do the garbage collection

Angel Valdes | December 27, 2022

The mayor of San Miguelito, Héctor Carrasquilla, in an interview with Radio Panama spoke about the “Christmas without garbage” operation that has been carried out in recent days in different parts of the district and clarified that he always “shows his face” to face the problem despite the fact that it is not exclusively from the Mayor’s Office.

“We always face the problems and we give the independent face that we have to put pressure on Revisalud, give Revisalud an ultimatum so that it does the collection as it should be, but as long as there are inconveniences we will always be at the forefront of the social problems that exist. in this district to generate well-being in favor of the district”, emphasized Carrasquilla

The operation that began on December 8 with the representatives of the corregimiento, including night visits to different parts of the district, have collected tons of garbage, but they also need the support of the population of San Miguelito so that the sensitive points are maintained garbage free.

“We know that we cannot eradicate garbage overnight, but what is sought is that there is due awareness among our people to gradually reduce the places where there is a lot of disordered garbage, without any discipline, a misuse of the disposal of garbage in many sectors, and together with the justice of the peace we are taking measures to penalize to fine, that is not what we really want, we want to create awareness, teach, but there are people who do not want to enter the path of legality and we are going to have to penalize them”, indicated Carrasquilla.

According to the San Miguelito Cleaning Company (Revisalud), the high delinquency amounting to more than 43 million dollars is a big problem to be able to provide a better service in the district, since these monies that have not been able to enter could well serve for maintenance and purchase of equipment to collect waste.

We are talking with the company regardless of the amount owed, they have the garbage collection concession and they have to offer the service, and it is not that everyone does not pay, there are social strata that pay, we are demanding that they that they improve the frequency, there are many humble people who pay their cleaning fee per day, so it is not fair that because someone else does not pay, the garbage is not collected, we have to reinforce the work, we must improve the frequency ”, concluded Carrasquilla

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