Carolina Cosse again called to court by opposition councilors before the contribution rise

Carolina Cosse again called to court by opposition councilors before the contribution rise

With votes from the coalition, the Departmental Board of Montevideo approved a new call to the room from Mayor Carolina Cosse for this Friday.

The call to the room was proposed by the nationalist mayor Javier Barrios Bove and seconded by the other councilors of the coalition due to the increase in the real estate contribution. The last friday The Observer published that the Municipality of Montevideo said by mistake that the ceiling of the increase would be 28%, but there was a case with an increase of up to 46%.

This Thursday Carolina Cosse attended the Senate to introduce Vice President Beatriz Argimón their defenses in the impeachment trial that was heard last week by the Constitution and Legislation Committee of the Senate.

“The action tending to promote this impeachment is an inappropriate, wrong and irresponsible use of the constitutional control tools that can only be explained as part of a strategy of political attack against me and the management that I have to lead by decision of the citizens,” said the mayor in the document to which she agreed The Observer.

Last October, the mayors of Montevideo raised the request for impeachment to the Senate after the mayor did not respond to several calls, arguing the Article 284 of the Constitution of the Republicwhich establishes situations in which the mayor cannot send a representative.

This Thursday, hours after the mayor presented her defense in Parliament, the mayors called her back to the room for this Friday but for the article 285 of the Constitution.

What both articles say

Article 284.
Any member of the Departmental Board can ask the Mayor for the data and reports he deems necessary to fulfill his mission. The request will be formulated in writing and through the President of the Departmental Board, who will send it immediately to the Mayor.
If the latter does not provide the reports within the period of twenty days, the member of the Departmental Board may request them through it.

Article 285.
The Board has the power, by resolution of a third of its members, to have the Mayor come to its Chamber to request and receive the reports it deems appropriate, either for legislative or comptroller purposes.
The Mayor may be accompanied by the officials of his departments that he deems necessary, or be represented by the highest-ranking official of the respective department, except when the call to the Chamber is based on a breach of the provisions of paragraph 2 of article former.

What happens if Cosse does not go to the Montevideo Departmental Board?

Article 285 of the Constitution establishes the situations in which Cosse if you can present a representative “She can be represented (in this instance). She has never appeared in all this period. We assume that authorities such as the director of Financial Resources will come (Mauricio Zunino),” he told The Observer the mayor Barrios Bove.

The coordinator of the bench of mayors of the Broad Front Mario Acuña confirmed the presence of Zunino tomorrow at the Board. “When she assisted in the pandemic, via zoom, they lent themselves to ask her a series of topics that were not really in the call.”

The official mayor added that in that instance “this mechanism was used to insult her. Today he has the chance to be represented and he does it accordingly”.

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