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Carmen Gloria Quintana, 36 years after the death of Rodrigo Rojas de Negri: “Our country wants, needs and deserves a new Constitution”

On July 2, 1986, two young people who were participating in a demonstration against the Pinochet dictatorship were intercepted by a military patrol led by Lieutenant Pedro Fernández Dittus. They were Rodrigo Rojas de Negri and Carmen Gloria Quintana. Both were beaten and mistreated, to later be doused with fuel and burned alive.

36 years after the so-called “Caso Quemados”, the only survivor of the crime where impunity reigned for more than 30 years expresses her support for the New Constitution, inviting us to think about the importance of justice arriving on time and revealing that she will vote I Approve in the exit plebiscite that will take place on September 4.

“Today marks the 36th anniversary of the day that Rodrigo Rojas and I were burned alive by the military. We are still waiting for the final ruling, in the judicial process that has lasted more than 36 years,” Carmen Gloria Quintana begins by pointing out, through a letter published in your Facebook account.

And along with a call to the judges “to think about their role in impunity, in the fact that many relatives of victims of the dictatorship and relatives of Disappeared Detainees have died without truth, without justice and without even knowing where their loved ones are “, recognizes that Chile is experiencing crucial moments in which “we have the great and beautiful opportunity to change the foundations of the type of country in which we want to live”.

“I hope that this harsh experience of living under a dictatorship will never be repeated and for this we must build a true democracy,” he said.

Quintana affirms that the struggle continues “for social justice, for decent health for the people, for quality education that is accessible to all regardless of their ability to pay, decent and well-paid work for all, for respect for nature. and for an end to the abuse of big business”.

He explained that he has thoroughly read the draft of the New Constitution and, in his opinion, “comparatively it is a tremendous advance in all senses, in terms of rights and dignity for people and in harmony with our environment.”

“I approve of the New Constitution is the majority will of those who have been trampled on for years, by the collusion of large companies, by pharmacies, chickens, toilet paper, gas, water, by the owners of the AFPs and Isapre , for the few families that have exploited our natural resources, the forests, the sea, for those who have created the ‘sacrifice zones’, for those who profit from health and education, etc”.

There are definitely two alternatives, adds Carmen Gloria Quintana, “either we stay with the current Constitution, that of Pinochet, which has meant so much inequality, corruption and abuse for the majority of the people, or we approve a New Constitution.”

And he concludes: “Our country wants, needs and deserves a New Constitution. That’s why I approve.”

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