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Carlos Varela sings for “Cuba Libre” in Madrid and dedicates a song to mothers of political prisoners

Carlos Varela

MIAMI, United States. — Tribute to Pablo Milanés, dedication to the mothers of Cuban political prisoners and freedom for Cuba. This is how the last concert in Madrid by Carlos Varela passed, which was presented this Thursday at the LuLa Club in the Spanish capital.

According to the digital portal The touchthe Cuban singer-songwriter paid tribute to Pablo Milanés, who died in November of last year, with whom he had a long friendship.

In the presentation, Varela dedicated the song love graffiti to the mothers of the hundreds of political prisoners in Cuba.

The singer-songwriter also heated up the room with shouts of “¡Viva Cuba Libre!” before a remarkable turnout that filled the LuLa Club room.

“Carlos Varela lit up the night in Madrid at the LuLa Club. He paid tribute to Pablo Milanés, dedicated ´Love Graffiti´ to the mothers of Cuban political prisoners and asked for freedom for the Island. The touch on his Twitter account.

The presentation of Carlos Varela at the LuLa Club was part of the Festival of the Stars, which takes place in the Spanish capital.

“Exciting concert last night in Madrid. Thank you once again to everyone who came to sing with me. Thanks to The Festival of the Stars for the invitation, ”Varela wrote on his Facebook account.

Carlos Varela’s concert at the Festival de las Estrellas takes place amid the controversy surrounding Buena Fe, which is on a small tour of Spain. In an interview offered to the digital portal OnCubaIsrael Rojas, director of the group, assured that he did not know that there were political prisoners in Cuba, a fact that outraged Cubans inside and outside the island.

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