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Carlos Peña formalizes presidential candidacy for 2024

Santo Domingo.-Carlos Peña presented his presidential candidacy for the Generation of Servers Party, GenS, for the 2024 general elections, in an act last Sunday, November 27, at a hotel in the city of Santo Domingo, which was attended by friends , sympathizers, members and leaders of the political organization he presides over and to whom he expressed the reasons why he will seek to become the next president of the Dominican Republic.

“In the next elections, Dominicans will go to the polls to choose between two options; one of them is made up of the parties and candidates servile to globalism and the progressive agendas that destroy our Judeo-Christian values ​​and traditions, while the other alternative is represented by us, with a patriotic, nationalist agenda and committed to preserving our Dominican identity”, indicated Carlos Grief.

The former legislator said that there will no longer be three political forces that will compete in the 2024 elections, but that the Generation of Servers Party, (GenS), is a reality and that, from now on, it is competing for which it is the official candidate.

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In his speech, the presidential candidate of the Generation of Servers Party, blamed the traditional parties, both PRM, PLD and the FP, for all the misfortunes that Dominicans are going through.

He also pointed out that “the candidates of those parties are not interested in the homeland, because one of them is requesting a global government, another has said that he is an unconditional ally of the UN and, to top it off, the third, when he led the Chamber of Deputies, promoted and signed Law 169-14 with which hundreds of thousands of illegal Haitians received documents to continue in the country”.

Carlos Peña formalizes presidential candidacy for 2024-2

“We promise to build from the presidency of the Republic, a great, strong, powerful, Dominican nation and for the Dominicans; a country in which its citizens can live safe, free and confident that their individual efforts will yield the results that each one expects. For that, we call on the Dominican people to give us the opportunity to a new political generation in 2024 and that neither those who were nor those who are will govern us again, “concluded Carlos Peña.

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