Carlos Ochoa leaves the management of Crédito Real

The new address was assumed from last April 1.

Felipe Guelfi Regules worked as director of Business Lines at Sofom. Now, he will support the renewal process of the firm with the direct participation and collaboration of the Board of Directors.

It will also work to actively preserve the company’s lines of business that are essential for the continuity of operations, while Crédito Real and its advisors analyze and execute long-term solutions to its liquidity challenges.

“I am honored to assume the leadership of the management team of an emblematic company in this sector, and I am pleased to be able to add new members to our team whose experience is tailored to the moment that the Company is going through. I am sure that together we will be able to support the key businesses that will allow us to redefine the Crédito Real of the future”, said Felipe Guelfi Regules in the statement.

The other change within the firm will be that of Noé Reza Gómez, who is the new director of Finance. Reza Gómez will work directly with Guelfi Regules and the Board of Directors to generate long-term stability and profitability.

The company’s legal management will also undergo changes: Rodrigo Ruanova will replace Luis Calixto López as Legal Director and will be tasked with complying with the legal requirements of the restructuring process, working with the management team and with the external advisers of Crédito Real to ensure a smooth process.

After making known the movements in the direction of the firm, the Ministry of Finance reported that the financial position of Crédito Real is unfavorable since it has debt maturities for more than 14,639 million pesos.

“Crédito Real is not a systemically important institution at the local level, despite being one of the largest payroll companies in Mexico. Therefore, it is not considered that the default of the institution implies risks for the stability or operation of the Mexican financial system,” he detailed in a statement.

The Treasury said that it will be monitoring the financial evolution of Sofom so that the rights of users of financial services are protected.

“We believe that there should be no contagion to other participants that have good performance in the Sofomes sector. We are all obliged to distinguish between responsible companies, with good management and a healthy financial situation, to avoid generalizations that unfairly affect healthy entities, with good performance and responsible management,” he reported.

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