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Carlos Lazo on Team Asere: “This team is a monument to diversity and inclusion”

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MIAMI, United States. — In the midst of the controversy over the participation of the Cuban team Taking part in the fifth World Baseball Classic, the pro-Castro organization “Puentes de Amor” made clear its unrestricted support for the island’s team.

In a statement signed by its leader, Professor Carlos Lazo, “Puentes de Amor” assured that “this team, made up of Cubans residing in Cuba, in the United States and in other countries of the world, is a monument to diversity, inclusion and a beautiful example of what we can achieve together.”

The declaration states that, “for the first time, Cuban athletes from here, there and everywhere, come together to represent Cuba in a world championship.”

“All Cubans of good will rejoice with what has been achieved by these baseball players. They represent us all,” the organization said.

Regarding the semifinal match that will be played this Sunday at the LoanDepot Park in Little Havana, “Puentes de Amor” said that it will be “a historic event.”

“A Cuban team made up of diverse Cubans will play in Miami. They will all be brothers, defending our colors and our flag. We will all be playing, body and soul, the best baseball we know: the one that is pure heart on the field and in the spirit of the Cuban people.”

The statement added that “the men and women of ‘Puentes de Amor’ join our brothers on the Island, the United States and the world to support our team.”

“We believe that in the games that are held in Miami, the passion for baseball should prevail only and exclusively. Our voices, together with those of millions of Cubans, will be raised, in all corners, to support Team Asere and to encourage our baseball players. This is a moment of national unity. The Cuban people expect us to support the team and the four letters in which Cuba resonates. This is the time to celebrate. We are going to have a union party for all Cubans.”

In this sense, the organization made it clear that it rejects “attempts by individuals or groups to organize protests before or during matches.”

“’Puentes de Amor’ rejects any attempt to politicize or sabotage the event, wherever it comes from. In the game that will take place this Sunday, the Cubans who love their people, their culture and their traditions will be focused on only one thing: encouraging our players to have the best possible performance.”

Likewise, the statement calls on the fans to bring posters to the stadium supporting Team Asere.

“Posters? For Team Asere! Flag? The Cuban! That’s enough. That sister us. Let’s unite Cubans, beyond geographies, creeds, and ideologies! Let nothing separate us now! Go ahead #TeamAsere! Let’s celebrate! Not because we are going to win, but because we have already won!

Cuba will play the semifinals of the event against the winner of the match between Venezuela, winner of group D, and the United States, second of group C.

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