Carlos III must show leadership and not only the authority he acquired by lineage: expert in monarchies

Carlos III must show leadership and not only the authority he acquired by lineage: expert in monarchies

The whole world is turned to follow each of the footsteps of King Carlos III, after assuming at age 73 the position held by her mother, Elizabeth II in the United Kingdom until her death on September 8.

For Nathalie Méndez, expert on monarchies and professor at the Universidad de los Andesthe king now has the challenge of “continuing to set those standards of authority, the rules of the monarchy in a very rigid way, but also a new style” of leadership.

In dialogue with RCN Worldthe expert pointed out that there are several challenges that King Carlos III must take on, because “does not enjoy the same levels of popularity” than the rest of his family.

“According to the latest Ipsos survey in May, we see that the king has 65% favorabilitywhich is far below its predecessor, his mother, who had 86% and his own son (William) 81%”, so the king will start a period in which he will have to win the love and credibility of the British”said.

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But the challenge is not only the perception of his leadership compared to the figure of his mother, but of the stability of the monarchy against states that want to get out of that government scheme.

“Let’s see how the king marks the line of continue with the spirit of international cooperation, which represents the commonwealth of nations, that there are 14 countries where the queen was their sovereign” and whether she will have, in addition to authority, leadership.

“Carlos III emanates the power derived from his lineage and We are going to see if he manages to exercise a leadership mobilizing role beyond his position of authority (…) And if he manages to be the true inspiring leader that in many difficult moments Queen Elizabeth II managed to be,” Nathalie said.

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