Carlos Granada could be released

Carlos Granada could be released

The Appeals Chamber revoked the decision of Judge Julián López on December 29. The high magistrate had denied the review of measures of the communicator accused of sexual coercion Carlos Granada.

The court, made up of José Servín, Viviana Benítez and José Agustín Fernández, pointed out that Judge López did not specifically present his arguments for preventive detention. With this, the file is sent back to the original judge of the case who will call a new hearing to review the measures and decide whether to grant less onerous measures based on the bonds proposed by defense attorney Álvaro Arias.

The proposed bonds consist of two properties, one worth G. 500 million and the other worth G. 910 million. The defense requests house arrest.


On November 11, the former journalistic manager of Channel 9, arrived at the Palace of Justice, for his preliminary hearing after the accusation he received for sexual coercion and sexual harassment of journalists from said television channel.

Granada was arrested as soon as he reached the fourth floor of the north tower of the Palace of Justice, because he already had a prosecutor’s arrest warrant. Once detained, he was taken to the checkpoint where the inmates await the hours for their respective hearings.

In hours of noon, the criminal judge of guarantees resolved his imprisonment. On August 27, Granada was accused when he was the manager of Channel 9, since then he has presented several incidents.

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