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Carlos Fazio: EU/NATO vs Russia: new phase


to war by proxy Biden’s government against Russia in Ukraine, which in the economic-financial field aims to decouple Western Europe from Russian gas supplies and force dependence on liquefied gas from the United States, has entered a new phase of uncertain outcome.

A war proxy or subsidiary is not a conventional war. Although it usually involves the professional armed forces of the countries in conflict, it includes external actors that act on the ground with clandestine forces and/or through private security companies (mercenaries) and terrorist groups. Except for the massive deployment of troops openly to avoid the costs in human and economic terms, the EU/NATO are a belligerent party to the conflict. They have been supplying Volodymir Zelensky’s government with weapons and economic aid in great profusion and are essential actors in the psychological and disinformation warfare (propaganda) by the hegemonic mass media, combined with cyber-attacks and armies of social media trolls, whose The result, in the collective West, is the staging of a Russia terrified, weak and about to collapse.

There is no question about US intervention in the war. In separate interviews with the Bloomberg agency and BBC Mundo, the former US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta openly admitted that Washington and NATO are waging a proxy war with Russia through a third party (Ukraine). The also former head of the Central Intelligence Agency during the Obama administration, argued that the economic sanctions against Russia and the shipment of weapons from the US and NATO to Ukraine constitute a proxy war.

As part of a hybrid industrial/commercial war against Russia and its allies of the European Union (EU), in particular Germany, the long (not so invisible) hand of Washington is seen through acts of sabotage against critical Russian infrastructure and the use of terrorism as a weapon of war by action or proxy. Facts? The blowing up with explosives of the car of Darya Dugina (daughter of the Orthodox Christian nationalist philosopher Alexander Dugin, apparent target of the attack), in a suburb of Moscow, operated by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), a tool of the CIA and MI6 British, who rule de facto in kyiv; the sabotage against the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines in international waters of the Baltic Sea, near the Danish island of Bornholm, with the possible complicity of Denmark, Sweden, England or Poland, and the sabotage (which it describes as terrorist because there was three civilian victims) on the Krymsky Most bridge in Crimea, part of the critical civil infrastructure of the Russian Federation and a symbol of reunification with its historical territories in 2014. Added to which is an attack on the TurkStream gas pipeline system by saboteurs from kyiv and acts of terrorism with drones, heavy artillery and multiple rocket launchers against nuclear power plants in Zaporozhie (the largest such facility in Europe occupied by Russian forces) and Kursk (Russia).

With the partial blasting of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines of the Russian conglomerate Gazprom in the exclusive economic zones of Sweden and Denmark (under close NATO surveillance, which is a tacit declaration of economic war against Russia and European buyers of Russian gas), the Biden administration seems determined to escalate a conflict that could escalate into a Third World War, even with tactical nuclear weapons (on October 6, Biden said that the risk of a Armageddon nuclear is today at its highest level since the Cuban missile crisis in 1962).

On Gazprom’s pipelines, the hawk of the Department of State, Victoria Fuck Europe Nuland (as Michael Hudson of the University of Missouri called her), had announced last January that one way or another, Nord Stream 2 will not work. And on the following February 7, Biden openly declared: “If Russia invades, that is, if its tanks and troops cross the Ukrainian border […] there will be no more Nord Stream 2, we will put an end to it… I promise we can do it.” According to economist Jeffrey Sachs, radar data indicates that US helicopters based in Poland were circling a nearby area when the sabotage occurred. In turn, the Polish Foreign Minister, Radek Sikorski, cynically thanked the US in a tweet for sabotaging the gas pipelines.

According to Hudson, with the US sabotage of the Nord Stream, Europe will no longer be able to withdraw from US policy and restore trade with Russia. The threat that Europe would end trade and financial sanctions against Russia was resolved in favor of the US, and despite its structural energy dependency, there will no longer be cheap gas for European industries. The US and NATO will continue to dictate the diplomacy and there will be an economic collapse in Germany and Europe. Remember Mackinder: control of the Eurasian landmass constitutes control of the world. For Hudson, the German industry’s competition with the US is over. Germany lost: it is the main victim of Biden’s war and the Brussels autocracy. The only way for Germany to restore trade with Russia is to withdraw from the EU and NATO, which, given Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s mediocrity and cowardice, is difficult.

The terrorist sabotage of October 8 in Crimea, a vital post for the Russian fleet in the Black Sea, received as a response from the Kremlin two days of selective attacks against military, electrical and telecommunications infrastructure in a dozen Ukrainian cities and the disabling by war electronics of the satellite company Starlink, owned by billionaire Elon Musk, which disconnected network warfare and communications and operational intelligence of the Ukrainian forces.

Russia’s show of force sent a message by elevation to the US/NATO: it can annihilate the political-military high command in kyiv and not give in to Biden’s nuclear blackmail. in his phase anti-terrorist, the Russian non-nuclear dissuasive power seeks to generate conditions that can force a negotiation with a Europe degraded at an energy level for the coming winter. The question now is whether the humiliated empire can up the ante without going nuclear.

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