Carlos Bacca, on his return, scored cucumber with Junior

Carlos Bacca, on his return, scored cucumber with Junior

Golden Eagles Y Junior were measured on the fifth day of the Betplay League. The Antioquians looked for the first options of attack in the engagement, which ended with a result of 1-1.

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The locals came out better off in the initial period in Rionegro. To the minute 8, robinson flowers had a shot with the right foot from outside the area over the goal of Sebastian Viera.

Junior began to find answers in the game. The shark table began to release their midfielders to generate play and develop their attacking plays. At minute 15, Danny Rosero had a header from the center of the area after a clearance from Nelson Deossa.

Joel Contreras He was close to scoring the opening score. In the minute 25, The midfielder shot with his left foot from outside the area that skimmed the crossbar.

The match was quite short in the first half, both teams committed constant infractions in the midfield and did not have a very showy game.

To the minute 41 came the first score of the game. Mark Perez converted the 1-0 after a header inside the area.

For the second part, Junior came out better off the field. Juan Cruz Real’s men began to look for options on the scoreboard. The sharks advanced their lines and reached the tie.

Equality came to minute 61after a play of Charles Backa, shot with the right foot from the center of the box to the right side of the goal. The assistance was the work of Fernando Uribe.

Although the sharks continued to seek victory, the game ended very short and the local team closed the game with their defensive defense stopped at the back of the field.

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With the tie, Junior reached eight points in five games played and remains at the top of the Positions table.

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