Care for viral diseases increases in hospitals in Managua

Care for viral diseases increases in hospitals in Managua

Managua hospitals look crowded, given the increase in the spread of viral diseases in the country. The Ministry of Health (MINSA) reported that in the last week dengue cases increased by 19%, in relation to the previous week. Malaria also shows a greater number of positive cases: 21% more than in past weeks.

Dr. José Antonio Delgado, master’s degree in public health, highlights that the environmental factor favors the spread of viral diseases, which are common in the winter season. “The risk and the number of diseases will increase, which could increase the number of people with complications, and even death, from this disease. We have to take preventive measures, ”warns the doctor.

The week of July 10 to 16, 80 positive patients with dengue were confirmed, according to the MINSA report. In the case of malaria, 82 cases are registered, and 1,357 cases with pneumonia. However, a virus persists that is causing vomiting and diarrhea.

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“There is no need to be alarmed, many people in my office and people around me have had problems with stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and they are diseases that we are going to experience due to this winter condition,” says Dr. Delgado.

The public health expert recommends taking preventive measures to avoid a repeat of the case of 2019, in which the health system collapsed due to the high number of patients with dengue.

Care for viral diseases increases in hospitals in Managua

“The use of a mosquito net is an important measure, fumigation, cleaning patios (…), the use of masks in crowded places, such as concerts, health centers, hospitals (…), maintaining a good immune system that resists any disease”, he recommends.

More cases of influenza

In the case of influenza, which is a disease that has had a significant rebound in recent weeks, it shows an increase of 31% in positive cases, compared to the same date last year. On the days recorded in the report, it is detailed that 116 positive patients were found. In total, so far in 2023, 782 positive cases of this disease have been detected.

In the first two weeks of July, two positive cases of leptospirosis have also been reported.

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