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Carabineros detain two suspects for the murder of Petty Officer Daniel Palma

Carabineros detained two suspects for the death of the murder of the non-commissioned officer of Carabineros Daniel Palma in the commune of Quinta Normal, Metropolitan Region. The North Central Prosecutor of the Metropolitan Region confirmed the apprehension on Monday morning.

One of the detainees is a Venezuelan citizen Luis Lugo Machado. The Prosecutor’s Office described him last Thursday as a “subject of interest” and later the Seventh Guarantee Court of Santiago ordered his arrest.

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The other detainee also corresponds to a Venezuelan citizen, identified as Ovimarlixion Garcés Briceño.

Let us remember that, in addition to Lugo, the Prosecutor’s Office classified as a subject of interest Carlos Cortez Florez. The Seventh Guarantee Court of Santiago also ordered his arrest.

The Public Ministry released the image of a third “subject of interest” on Saturday, although it did not provide information about his identity.

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