Subject not registered as a prisoner commands in La Pica

Captured public defender for extortion

Officials of the Anti-extortion and Kidnapping Group (Gaes) of the Bolivarian National Guard in La Guaira captured a Public Defender in flagrante delicto, while extorting the relatives of a detainee on Los Baños street, in the Maiquetía parish.

The procedure was carried out by the Gaes officers who were alerted by the relatives of the detainee and went to the place where the extortion would take place.

According to relatives, the subject was asking them for $5,000 to proceed to release the detainee.

The public defender was identified as Víctor Daniel Cabrera Alvarado (39) who was attached to the Coordination of Gender Violence of the Criminal Judicial Circuit of La Guaira.

The Gaes officials made a controlled delivery of the money with the relatives, in order to capture the extortionist red-handed. In the procedure, the agents made the subject meet the relatives in a well-known business, located on Los Baños de Maiquetía street. When Cabrera Alvarado arrived at the scene to collect the money, the Gaes troops proceeded to arrest him.

The case was passed to the order of the Public Ministry, for its presentation before the same courts where it captured its victims.

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