Henrique Capriles: I am not going to ask the Government for permission if I can run or not

Capriles published a “manifesto” in which he invites everyone to join his proposal

Henrique Capriles states in the manifesto that the vision presented is of unity for all and without there being a privileged class

The former governor of Miranda and pre-candidate for the primaries for Primero Justicia, Henrique Capriles, published a “manifesto” on Tuesday night, June 6, in which he invited Venezuelans to join his proposal to create a country in which there are opportunities for development; there is no exclusion and the return of those who left in search of a better quality of life is encouraged.

Capriles, in your text, suggests the formation of a “movement” —of which he does not say if it is apart from Primero Justicia or something citizen— so that people actively join in the reconstruction of the country. He states that the vision presented is of unity for all and without there being a privileged class, which currently causes low salaries, inflation and lack of opportunities to be generated.

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“We are not dealing with a faulty system, but with a system that works perfectly to favor a few. In the Maduro regime, poverty is not a coincidence: it is a project,” he wrote.

Capriles published this manifesto after the release of a propaganda video on his social networks in which he recounted his political activities and added his family as part of the work of the future in the country.

Henrique Capriles has recently called on Venezuelans to become actively involved in the country’s political solutions in the framework of an unannounced campaign for the opposition primary elections to be held on October 22.

During a tour andl Friday June 2denounced that he suffered an attack in Carabobo as part of his electoral campaign.

Through his social networks, Capriles accused “violent groups commanded by Nicolás Maduro” of trying to sabotage an act that he carried out in the community of Santa Inés in the Rafael Urdaneta parish, in Valencia.

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