Capriles denounced aggression by "violent groups commanded by Maduro" in the electoral campaign

Capriles denounced aggression by “violent groups commanded by Maduro” in the electoral campaign

In the last five days of the electoral campaign, both in Miranda and Carabobo, the public activities of Henrique Capriles Radonski have been interrupted by what the leader alleges are groups trying to sabotage

The candidate for the opposition primaries on October 22, Henrique Capriles Radonski, denounced this Friday, June 2, that he suffered an attack during a tour carried out in Carabobo as part of his electoral campaign.

Through his social networks, Capriles accused “violent groups commanded by Nicolás Maduro” of trying to sabotage an act that he carried out in the community of Santa Inés in the Rafael Urdaneta parish, in Valencia.

“Again, the violent groups commanded by Maduro and his lackey Rafael Lacava tried to sabotage an activity in a community by appealing to women, this time in Santa Inés of the Rafael Urdaneta parish in Carabobo state,” he rejected on his social networks.

The complaint was accompanied by a video in which it can be seen how an adult woman speeds towards the political leader and hits his face with her slap.

The standard bearer of justice first (PJ) attributed the responsibility for this attack to the leadership of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and stated that it will continue touring the interior of the country as part of its electoral campaign.

«The PSUV tries to silence us, but they will never silence us. We will continue touring and denouncing from the communities of Venezuela,” he stressed.

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Days ago, Capriles made a similar complaint stressing the “sabotage” of an activity he carried out in a community in Miranda state, after a video was released on social networks in which cheers against the political leader were heard.

The leader of the yellow awning affirmed that it was a “few violent” who interrupted their activity in Los Teques with the intention of sabotaging.

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