Capriles alerted the ICC prosecutor about the attacks he has suffered on his tours

Henrique Capriles denounced being the victim of a new attack on a tour of a town in Aragua and told the ICC prosecutor that these actions are promoted by supporters of the PSUV with the support of the police

The former governor of Miranda state and candidate for the primaries for Primero Justicia, Henrique Caprilesaddressed the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Karim Khan, to denounce that he was the victim of a third attack by alleged supporters of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), accompanied by the police.

Capriles indicated that he was taking a tour of the Las Casitas community in the Girardot municipality of Aragua state when alleged PSUV groups, together with state police officials, sought to prevent his tour.

“We are dealing with the third violent assault in recent days. The same one carried out by a few supporters of the ruling PSUV party, but this time organized and accompanied by police officers,” Capriles told the ICC prosecutor, who announced his visit to Venezuela once it finishes its commitments in Colombia.

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Similarly, he told Khan that Venezuelans do not have a justice system that protects them and that anarchy and impunity are reigning in the country.

In his opinion, what is being sought is to “sow terror” in the communities and prevent the economic and social problems that affect them and the entire country from coming to light.

Henrique Capriles accused that his new attackers were armed “with pistols” and that the police in Aragua were directing the actions, which seemed a serious act.

He insisted that his campaign is in favor of the reunion of Venezuelans “in healthy peace” and for a democratic search for a change in the country’s administration, while stressing that he will continue to work alongside the people to find solutions.

“We hold Maduro responsible for these actions, since he is the one who chairs the government party and his responsibility in commanding the police… Venezuela wants to live in peace and democracy!”, he concluded according to a press release.

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He Monday June 5, The first vice president of the PSUV, Diosdado Cabello, said about the attacks against Capriles that the opposition politicians do not care about the people because they come from “requesting sanctions, a blockade, ordering people to be assassinated, assassination attempts. When they go to a community, without a doubt, they will provoke the people”, he asserted and said that a “push” is not violence.

In his program on Wednesday, Cabello asserted that the opposition decided to make political propaganda posing as persecuted and indicated that the pro-government militancy will continue on the streets.

In addition, he stressed that Capriles “had taken a long time” to accuse him of being behind the attacks. «What do you expect, Capriles, that I condemn mine and take your side? I will never do that. I will be with mine even if they are not right.

The first recent attack that Capriles denounced was on May 29, in Los Teques (Miranda), where his visit was hindered by shouts and slogans against the political leader, as well as an attempt to intimidate him with a knife. This event was also denounced by Capriles, mentioning Tarek William Saab, prosecutor appointed by the extinct Constituent Assembly; but he received no reply either.

On the afternoon of Friday, June 2, during a tour of Santa Inés, Valencia (Carabobo state) Capriles Radonski was beaten by a woman. The event was recorded in a video that the former governor of Miranda published on his Twitter account, on Friday night.

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