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Capiatá: missing 6-year-old girl found

The Prosecutor’s Office in charge of the fiscal agent Victor Villaverde, reported that the 6-year-old girl was found, whose whereabouts were unknown.

The Public Ministry reported that the girl will be inspected by the forensic doctor and psychological support will be provided.

The investigative work was carried out with personnel from the local Police Station and Crime Investigation.

It is worth mentioning that several investigative actions were carried out in order to find the whereabouts of the girl who was in the company of her mother. The Court for Children and Adolescents issued a search and location order due to the absence of both and not having data on her location.

At the time, the mother assured that the girl is fine, that she took her out of school because the vaccinated have the mark of the “beast” and that the end is near, a belief he has had ever since he joined a sect.

The entrance Capiatá: missing 6-year-old girl found was first published in diary TODAY.

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