"Capable that can be relocated to another module"the chats of the deputy Pereyra for transfers of prisoners

"Capable that can be relocated to another module"the chats of the deputy Pereyra for transfers of prisoners

—Dear, they make me this request that I forward to you. He is the son of a police officer and it seems that he needs two months to be released, as always subject to the information that you handle, which is always more complete than that provided by the family, said the chat that the deputy from the front office Susana Pereyra sent to then director of the INR, Gonzalo Larrosa on October 16, 2018.

After this WhatsApp message at 9:00 p.m., Pereyra sent a photo of the inmate’s identity card and file number. He also forwarded him messages saying that in modules 3, 5 and 11 they wanted to “bite” him and that the father is a police officer from the 8th.

The next day, it was the former head of prisons who began the dialogue, in response to Pereyra’s request.

“Good morning, Susanna. They met with this boy and in the minutes he asked to go to module 4. They are passing him on today for that module.

-Thank you!!! the current deputy for the Broad Front responded.

This dialogue is part of the exchanges that the deputy, wife of the then Interior Minister Eduardo Bonomi, He maintained with Gonzalo Larrosa at that time director of the National Rehabilitation Institute (INR), on whom the prisons depended and now the resigning police chief of Flores.

Larrosa resigned last week after Interior Minister Luis Alberto Heber started an administrative investigation before the requests for the transfer of prisoners by the deputy informed by Larrosa. The Ministry of the Interior reported in a statement that Larrosa’s resignation was due to the fact that he did not want to “hinder” the investigation.

According to what emerges from those chats reported by Santo y Seña this Sunday and to which The Observer He also agreed, Pereyra asked Larrosa on several occasions for transfers of prisoners who had dangerous records. In the case of the prisoner who was transferred to module 4, he was accused of especially aggravated homicide in the degree of attempt and possession of weapons. The other cases involved prosecutions for robbery and drug trafficking, the channel 4 program reported.

The oldest of the chats you accessed The Observer It dates from July 31. Pereyra gives him the name of the inmate’s mother and that of the inmate, and says:

—Able to be relocated to another module. I mean, I don’t know how the hand comes.

—Larrosa: Whatever can be done, we do it. I have to see well the specific case that does not risk the life of the boy. We’ll discuss it with the (inmate’s) mother tomorrow, looking at all the possibilities. I’ll let you know about her when I’m done meeting with her.

—Pereyra: He says that he did not want to join the strike.

Larrosa: Ok. Before meeting with the mother, I am going to arm myself with all the information about the situation of her son and then with her we see the range of possibilities.

—Pereyra: Yes, of course, that’s it. Thank you.

In another chat, Pereyra asked him: “Dear, you can do something for this person. According to what they tell me, he will be there for a short time and the family would not want him to go to Comcar,” said the chat that the deputy Susana Pereyra sent to the then director of the INR, Gonzalo Larrosa on November 28, 2018, at 3:46 p.m., After passing the name, the prisoner’s ID.

“Hello,” the former director of prisons replied at 4:22 p.m. on the same day. I see your situation and I make a return. Greetings.

According to Santo y Seña, that prisoner was linked to the Peñarol barra brava.

How did you find out about the chats?

Larrosa was summoned to testify by the Ministry of the Interior after the statements made before the Prosecutor’s Office by the former director of the Police, Mario Layera, in the context of the escape of the Italian mobster Rocco Morabito. When declaring and then before the press, Layera held Larrosa responsible for the transfers that were made between 2017 and 2018 to the Mexican drug trafficker Gerardo González Valencia to the Central Jail where he met with Morabito.

Diego Battiste

Gonzalo Larrosa. (Photo: archive, 2020).

Also the former director of the Republican Guard, Alfredo Clavijo, He blamed Larrosa for the transfers.

According to El País, when declaring on March 3, Larrosa told the national director of the Police, José Manuel Azambuya, that the transfers of González Valencia had been the decision of the security cabinet led by Bonomi.

When asked if they had made “any other transfer request irregularly”, Larrosa answered yes, and mentioned the requests made by MPP deputy Susana Pereyra.

Consulted by the chats by El País, the deputy Pereyra replied that it is a “lie”. “Let them keep investigating,” she said.

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