Cantv installs new networks in Macarao parish

Cantv crews installed this Friday a new network in the Macarao Parish, Caracas, with the aim of improving connectivity in the area.

Through its account on the social network Twitter, the institution explained that with these works, telecommunications services will be provided to 180 families, through the La Arenosa New Generation Node in a first phase.

Specifically, these works will serve the inhabitants of the La Independencia, Tres Puentes, La Sequía, Varadero, La Veguita, La Coromoto, Guaicaipuro, Hacienda Carite, El Plan, Tierra Blanca and Río Cristal sectors.

Similarly, it was indicated that “the work carried out by the technical staff includes the laying of 12,330 meters of cables, the construction of 30 aerial splices, 50 sleeve closures and the installation of 14 posts.”

It is expected that the work will continue to provide care to a total of 600 families in the community.

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