Cañete firefighters after aggression: if they do not have a shelter, they will not provide services from the Peleco crossing to the south

The Cañete Fire Department announced that, if they do not have police protection, they will not provide services from the Peleco crossing to the south, in the Biobío region. This, after strangers attacked and threatened volunteers in Huentelolén, which happened on Saturday.

The decision was confirmed by Cooperative Radio. As reported by the Cañete Fire Department, in the context of an emergency in Huentelolén, a group of individuals threw accelerating liquid -which failed to reach the cars- and threatened to set the fire vehicles on fire.

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Given the fact, the Government, through the presidential delegate of the Biobío region, Daniela Dresdner, has already announced a lawsuit against those responsible.

“As soon as this situation occurred, from the presidential delegation there was contact with those affected to express our full support,” said Dresdner.

“In the next few days we will organize a meeting with the regional board to coordinate a series of measures that allow firefighters to carry out their work safely,” he added.

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