Canelones enabled fractional food sales and Montevideo would apply the same proposal

Canelones enabled fractional food sales and Montevideo would apply the same proposal


In recent hours, the mayor of Canelones, Yamandú Orsi, reported on a resolution, which includes a concern raised by CAMBADU, which establishes the possibility that small and medium-sized businesses can sell smaller amounts of non-perishable packaged food to the public, as a measure to offset price rises.

The subdivisions must be carried out in front of the final consumer, that is to say, the client, at the time of acquiring non-perishable products, authorized by the Comptroller’s Office of the Intendancy. The measure is protected within the framework of the National Bromatological Regulation.

Montevideo would follow the same path

For her part, the mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosse, will meet next week with representatives of CAMBADU to analyze the possibility that stores and small surfaces can also sell non-perishable food products in a fractioned manner.

Everything indicates that an agreement will be reached between the parties to make the products of the basic food basket more accessible

For its part, in the last hours the Parliament’s Finance Commission, with the support of all political sectors, approved a motion to request the Executive Power to send to the Legislative a bill to exempt Value Added Tax (VAT) to 19 products that make up the basic food basket.

It is also proposed that the VAT reduction can be channeled when electronic means of payment are used.

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