Primary Commission defends María Corina Machado and urges participation on #22Oct

Candidates for the primaries met with the CP this #24Jul

Under the coordination of the National Primary Commission (CP), the candidates for the opposition elections met on Monday, July 24, to discuss technical and operational matters of the election scheduled for October 22.

The candidates for the opposition elections on October 22, “and/or their representatives”, met this Monday, July 24 with the National Commission for Primaryto discuss various technical and operational matters of the election, reported the Commission.

Last July 17 the CP held a meeting with the candidates for the process to evaluate strategies against the threats to this event.

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The communication of the CP was limited to reporting on the meeting, but did not offer details of it.

13 primary candidates

Earlier, the Commission announced that, after the closing of the period for nominations and substitutions, the number of candidates for these elections dropped to 13after the formal withdrawal of Un Nuevo Tiempo (UNT).

He explained that I know that María Corina Machado (Vente Venezuela), Henrique Capriles (Primero Justicia), Tamara Adrián (United for Change), Carlos Prosperi (Democratic Action), Delsa Solórzano (Citizen Meeting), Freddy Superlano (Popular Will), César Pérez Vivas (Concertación Ciudadana), the independents Gloria Pinho and Andrés Caleca remain as candidates; like Roberto Enríquez (Copei), César Almeida (UPP 89) and Luis “Balo” Farías (Movement for the Regions).

This July 24 begins the period of substitutions and expressions of will that will not be reflected in the final ballot, as established in article 10 of the application regulations.

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