Candidates for national prosecutor will speak on November 7 before the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court will hold a public hearing on Monday, November 7, in which the 17 candidates for the position of national prosecutor will speak. This was defined by the plenary session of the highest court today afternoon. The applicants seek to replace George Abbottwho left office after turning 75 -the maximum age to lead the Public Ministry-.

After the hearing, the Supreme Court will prepare a five, which will be sent to the President Gabriel Boric. Of those selected, the President will nominate a candidate, who must be accepted by the Senate.

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“On that public hearing date, each of the candidates must present for a certain time, more or less 10 minutes, and once all those who come to present are presented, the plenary makes its decision,” said the spokesperson minister. of the Supreme Court, Angela Vivanco.

“Each of the ministers has three votes, and finally with the majorities that occur, the quinine is formed,” the magistrate specified on another occasion, in conversation with The Counter at La Clave.

“Subsequently, the President of the Republic nominates one of those names and nominates him to the Senate, which is ultimately in charge of accepting him. In this case, a system operates that is very similar precisely to that of the appointment of Supreme Court ministers,” he added. Vivanco.

Recall that the highest court released this Monday the list of 17 registered for the position of national prosecutor. Next the complete list:

  • Emiliano Arias Madariaga
  • Eugenio Campos-Lucero
  • Esteban Celis Vilchez
  • Karinna Fernandez Neira
  • Marta Herrera Seguel
  • Erika Mayra
  • Nayalet Mansilla Donoso
  • Juan Agustin Melendez Duplaquet
  • Jose Morales Opazo
  • Patricia Munoz Garcia
  • Carlos Palma-War
  • Ivan Pavlov Peric
  • Ricardo Pena Fighetti
  • Rodrigo Rios Alvarez
  • Nelly Salvo Ilabel
  • Angel Valencia Vasquez
  • Christian Vargas Mendez
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