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Canada condemns crackdown on 9/11 protesters

Protestas, descontento popular, Cuba

MADRID, Spain.- The Government of Canada conveyed to the Cuban Government its concern about the violent repression against the participants in the popular protests of 11J on the Island; as well as for the harassment of activists and independent journalists.

As he told the Spanish agency EFE Canadian Foreign Office spokeswoman Sabrina Williams: “Canada will continue to raise concerns about human rights violations with Cuban officials.”

According to Sabrina Williams, it is important for the Canadian government “to provide a voice to human rights defenders and better understand their concerns, also to express them to Cuban officials.”

In addition, he confirmed that senior Canadian officials have met with the NGO Democratic Spaces, which on November 14 solicitous to Ottawa, together with the Cuba Decide organization, sanctions for Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel and for Cuban entities and officials for human rights violations. However, he did not mention whether Canada will impose these sanctions.

After the Democratic Spaces meeting with Canadian officials, Michael Lima, director of the aforementioned NGO, told EFE that he felt “satisfied that Canada understands that Cuba is a dictatorship, one of the oldest in the world, and that there needs to be Justice”.

“I liked seeing the change of mentality in Canadian government officials who understand that human rights are systematically violated in Cuba,” he said in this regard.

In its petition, Democratic Spaces demanded that in addition to Miguel Díaz-Canel, the National Special Brigade of the Ministry of the Interior (MININT), the Prevention Troops of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR), the FAR Minister Álvaro López Miera, be sanctioned , the Minister of the Interior Lazaro Alberto Alvarez Casaspolice chiefs Oscar Callejas Valcárcel and Eddy Manuel Sierra Arias, and senior officials Pedro Orlando Martínez Fernández, Roberto Abelardo Jiménez González, Roberto Legrá Sotolongo, Andrés Laureano González Brito and Romárico Vidal Sotomayor García.

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