Can truckers get a discount on Soat?

Can truckers get a discount on Soat?

After the $57 increase in the ACPM price, the different freight forwarding unions They showed their disagreement, since the National Government, in October 2022, promised that at least until June 2023 there would be no increase in rates.

Thus, and seeing the increase, the unions raised a package of proposals to counteract the effect on the basket of costs that this increase would have.

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Among the list of requests, two stand out: the non-increase of tolls and the inclusion of this sector in decree 2497 of 2022 for a discount on the Compulsory Traffic Accident Insurance (Soat) rate.

In this regard, the Ministry of Transport explained that this increase in the ACPM does not constitute a modification of the fuel tariff structure, nor the dismantling of any subsidy nor a change in the methodology for calculating the price, but that “the cost per gallon in diesel is exclusively due to the application of the annual update of some parameters in the price structure due to the effect of inflation in 2022”.

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In addition, at the meeting fedetranscarga He assured that the proposals were touched on, which will be considered by the Ministry of Transportation. For the moment, the portfolio ratified its commitment not to generate increases until the agreed date.

We will have a meeting for Thursday, January 12. Some alternatives may be presented there: reduction of the Soat for cargo carriers, a possibility of compensation with the possibility of a rise in toll prices and other alternatives that we are going to study.”, indicated the Minister of Transportation, Guillermo Reyes.

(See: The transporters’ proposals to the new National Government).

In addition, both parties agreed to a conversation with the Minister of Finance, Jose Antonio Ocampo, and the Minister of Mines, Irene Velez, to expose their concerns regarding the gradual dismantling of the Fuel Price Stabilization Fund (Fepc) that would impact the sector in 2025.

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