Campbell cajoles China on presentation of credentials. He is silent about the “squeeze” they gave to Taiwan

The Ortega official michael campbell hooker He presented, this Monday, May 29, the letters that accredit him as the representative of the dictator Daniel Ortega before the communist government of China. This would be the third diplomatic delegate appointed by the Nicaraguan regime since he reestablished diplomatic relations with Beijing in December 2021.

Campbell Hooker was appointed by Ortega to that diplomatic position on May 19, through presidential agreement 58-2023, published in the official newspaper La Gaceta.

During the ceremony, Ortega’s envoy took the opportunity to highlight that “Nicaragua and China are building a deep friendship, joining efforts to continue fighting for the advancement of a World of Peace, Justice, Prosperity and Multipolarity; opposing hegemonism, imperialist aggression and warmongering and promoting, instead, a greater degree of understanding, cooperation and solidarity among all peoples”.

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Michael Campbell also assured that the Ortega regime aspires to “become a strategic ally of China in Central America”.

Campbell cajoles China on presentation of credentials. He is silent about the "squeeze" they gave to Taiwan
Michael Campbell, Ortega’s ambassador to China.

He reiterated that “Nicaragua recognizes the One China principle, the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China and fully supports the ongoing efforts to achieve National Reunification,” although he did not mention that despite this speech, the dictatorship he represents went further for 16 years “sucking” the cooperation of the Taiwanese government, with whom he had relations since Ortega returned to government in 2007.

Campbell, a puppet of Ortega

On May 25, the dictator Daniel Ortega stripping of three presidential posts from Campbell Hooker and left him alone as his representative to China.

Through presidential agreement 59-2023, Ortega annulled “the appointments of comrade Michael René Campbell Hooker to the positions” of Ambassador on Special Mission of the Republic of Nicaragua, Minister Adviser to the President of the Republic for International Relations and with the great Caribbean; In addition, he is removed from the position of Secretary of Promotion, Investments and Exports of the Presidency of the Republic.

This last position held by Campbell Hooker since October 2022 He did it without pay as stipulated in the presidential agreement 154-2022.


The Campbell family have their roots in Bluefields. The visible head is the Sandinista guerrilla commander Lumberto Campbell, uncle of the new ambassador to China, and who has held various positions within the party and government structures. Thanks to his closeness to the dictator Ortega, he has also placed several relatives in important State positions, especially in the diplomatic service. At least six of his relatives work for the Ortega-Murillo regime.

Lumberto Campbell and his family:
Lumberto Campbell and his family: “traitors of coastal autonomy”

Francisco Obadiah Campbell Hooke (father of the ambassador to China) has been in the United States for more than a decade, where he has been Ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS) and now before the US Government. The former Nicaraguan ambassador to the OAS, Arturo McFields, assured in a opinion article published in Infobaethat Francisco has submitted his resignation to the Ortega-Murillo three times, but they have not accepted it.

Miriam Hooker, Francisco Campbell’s wife and, therefore, Lumberto’s sister-in-law, is the Consul General in the US Leilani Campbell Hooker, Francisco’s daughter and Lumberto’s niece, is a press attaché at the same diplomatic headquarters. While her brother, Michael Campbell Hooker, has held different positions, from advisory minister to the presidency for the Greater Caribbean, with the rank of ambassador; alternate representative at the OAS and recently appointed ambassador to the People’s Republic of China.

The Campbells’ nepotic list does not end there. Shantanny Anasha Campbell Lewis, Lumberto’s second-degree niece, is currently director of the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism. Gregory Campbell, Lumberto’s brother, has been a delegate of the Ministry of Family, Community, Cooperative and Associative Economy (MEFCCA) in the RACCS for several years and Joel Narváez Campbell, Lumberto’s nephew, is a Family District Judge in Bluefields.

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