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After 5 hours of surgery, the transplant of a new heart to little Nahiara was finally successfully completed. The next 72 hours will be crucial to see how his evolution progresses.

Through its social networks, the Ministry of Health announced the successful heart transplant operation to which Nahiara, the 6-year-old girl diagnosed with a dilated phase restrictive cardiomyopathy, underwent.

The complex surgery lasted an estimated 5 hours and initially included the explantation of the artificial heart, called “Berlin Heart”, and then the placement of the new organ.

Dr. Marcos Melgarejo, head of Cardiovascular Surgery at the “Niños de Acosta Ñu” Pediatric Hospital, told C9N that this procedure was carried out successfully by the medical team and the patient is currently stable.

“We are waiting, it is a very important stage that fills us with optimism,” he said.

Melgarejo cataloged little Nahiara as “a great fighter” and highlighted her enormous desire to live, demonstrated during all this time in which she was waiting for the appearance of a heart donor.

The next 72 hours will be crucial since they are usually the most critical hours when an intervention of this type is carried out. Currently, the 6-year-old girl will remain in the intensive care area of ​​the Acosta Ñu Hospital.

Yesterday afternoon, the appearance of a heart donor for Nahiara was confirmed, after several weeks of much uncertainty on the part of her family.

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