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Caminera prepares return operation and reports “peace of mind” so far

This Sunday the return operation will be carried out at the country level, with the presence of highway inspectors en route, with the mission of speeding up circulation and the return to the Capital and surrounding cities.

Inspector Adolfo Ortega, head of the Highway Patrol, reported that the procedures deployed at the most important crossings for Holy Week are taking place without major inconveniences.

“All quiet, we are organizing the return operation for tomorrow, Sunday, speeding up everything so that the driver who comes from the interior can return calmly,” Ortega explained in an interview with 730 AM.

He recommended that drivers leave early, in order to avoid meeting a long line of vehicles that in itself will generate a massive return to the Capital and the cities of Central.

The documents that the Caminera will require are: driver’s license up to date (within the validity of five years) and municipal authorization in the case of cars and trucks. Truck drivers must be authorized by Dinatran and have a license.

Motorists are reminded of the importance of not drinking alcohol, for their own safety, that of the occupants and that of others. There will be alcohol tests.

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