Cameron Díaz, Charlie’s angel with Cuban roots

Mexico City, Mexico.- Her debut in the film “La máscara” was so overwhelming that the artist was able to choose from now on which project deserved her and which one did not. Cameron Diaz She became the highest paid artist in Hollywood in 2013. In fact, just for the movie “Bad Teacher”, she pocketed 42 million dollars (we are only talking about the percentage of benefits).

Cameron Diaz, the blonde girl from Charlie’s Angels is half Cuban. Hence his Latin last name: Díaz. Cameron has said that her appearance (golden hair and blue eyes) has caused many to question her Latino origins. A stereotype that bothers her because she has always proudly counted that side of her family.

His father Emilio Díaz was Cuban, of Spanish descent, while his mother was a mix of English, Scottish, Irish and German. Above all, Cameron who was born in California in a home that only spoke English resembles her. So the actress never learned Spanish, although she assures that she can understand it in a general way.

He has also said that he inherited his keen sense of humor from his Caribbean side.
“I think there is something wonderful that has a lot to do with the person I am, because I had the grandparents I had, because of the culture I had growing up in a Cuban home where the armchairs were covered in plastic,” said in an interview.

In addition to humor, Díaz has a strong connection to Cuban food, especially black beans.

“Cuban food is a very important part of my life. Every Christmas we cook Cuban feasts and it is the tradition that we keep. At home, I love cooking Cuban dishes.” In fact, the only Spanish words she learned as a child were “ropa vieja”, “arroz con pollo” and “cerdo asado”.

“There are times when I need to eat black beans, rice and a steak with grilled onion or a salad with avocado, because if I don’t I’ll melt,” the artist confessed.

Cameron Díaz was one of the most popular faces on the big screen during the 90s and 2000s until she herself decided to take a break and dedicate herself, among other things, to motherhood, her environmental activism and her career as a businesswoman.

After all these years dedicated to herself, Cameron has returned to acting with a movie for Netflix, yet to be released.

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