Coalición Cambiemos: «Sectores políticos están detrás de huelga en el Cibao»

Cambiemos Coalition: “Political sectors are behind the strike in Cibao”

SANTO DOMINGO.-The Citizen Coalition Cambiemos expressed its complete rejection of the strike call made by different social organizations in the Cibao, and assured that there are political sectors involved.

The organization that has maintained an active voice in complaints and demands on different social problems in the country, considered that different interests concur in this strike call: «One represented by a sector of the “left, well-intentioned, which has always yearned for the country produces the so-called “objective” conditions for a change in the system, and that they do not understand that they are not given, since there is no strong progressive leadership, which is a real alternative to power. And another represented by the sector that was evicted from power in the last elections.

“Although it is true that there are real causes of dissatisfaction in the people, we cannot pretend that historical problems, which were not resolved in the last 26 years, will be resolved in less than two years, and the country finding itself in the midst of a crisis worldwide,” he stressed.

The entity recalled that during past governments the country lived in a great bubble, coming to be called by a President “the Little New York”, (without taking into account the period of Hipólito Mejía).

“This bubble was driven by a geometric external indebtedness based on a system that weakened national production at its best, prioritizing imports and so-called services. A system in which the few jobs it created were of poor quality, since 45.6% were informal. Furthermore, 85% of Dominican employees earn less than 25,000 pesos. Meanwhile, we found ourselves in the ranking of one of the most unequal countries in the region”, he emphasized.

In the same way, he pointed out that another of the fundamental problems that was not resolved during previous administrations is that of health. “In addition to the lack of hospitals, many of those that were built were overvalued and loaded with construction vices. And it is that during all that time we were one of the countries that invested the least in health. The region’s average was 6%, we never reached 2%”.

Cambiemos assured that the same happened with the electrical service, until the year 2020, where only 50.8% of Dominican households received 24 hours. “Only 22% from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 10.8% from 1 a.m. to 9 a.m. per day, according to the In-Home Survey, conducted in 2018.”

The Coalition called on the Dominican social movement to continue promoting the great transformations that the country needs, since the word “change”, more than a campaign slogan, is a commitment that the current government has with the people and that it must fulfill. .

Also, he asked not to let himself be used by political sectors that are instigating and financing certain groups, and then fish in the rough seas.

“We urge you to take into account that not only the country, but also the world is in a crisis situation, that the current government is making great efforts to affect as little as possible at the local level, and that, in the midst of a crisis It is not the ideal situation to demand that everything that has not been resolved in 26 years be resolved,” he finally said.

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