Camacol: 'price of steel continues to rise and prevents the development of VIS'

Camacol: ‘price of steel continues to rise and prevents the development of VIS’

Camacol’s technical vice president, Edwin Chirivi, assured that between the months of February and March 2022, the price of steel registered a new increase of 4.2%with a growth of 5.7% in corrugated steel according to figures revealed by Dane.

“We would close the year with annual increases in the order of 43% to 45%. It is a great concern for the sector, We have pre-sold 250,000 VIS units that have not started their construction phase.n, therefore with these levels of steel, the projects enter an imminent process of becoming unfeasible”, said Chirivi.

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In this way, Camacol called on the national government and the country’s commercial policy authorities to “reduce import duty of these inputs, while the local market is supplied by 40% of imports”.

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The union added: “According to Icoced, steel is the second input with the highest incidence in the cost structure of projects, representing 11% of construction costs and 21% of the cost of materials; and in turn, it was the input that reflected the highest price increase as of March among the entire set of materials used in construction: four times more than the average of the other inputs”.

In this regard, Portafolio consulted Andi and they decided not to comment on the matter.


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