Camacho's health is at risk due to his low defenses;  requires special treatment

Camacho’s health is at risk due to his low defenses; requires special treatment

December 30, 2022, 23:27 PM

December 30, 2022, 23:27 PM

“Luis Fernando Camacho suffers from adult variable hypoglobulinemia: selective deficiency of IgG immunoglobulins. This condition puts great risk to Luis Fernando Camacho of becoming infected and having severe infections by bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus, the tuberculosis bacillus, and viruses such as enterovirus, the Covid-19 virus, viral hepatitis B and C”, says doctor Ronald Palacios.

Palacios explains that the governor from Santa Cruz receives a treatment with human immunoglobulin, intravenously “Inevitably every two weeks and it should not fail, even worse in its current situation.” The doctor questions that his patient had not been provided with adequate masks, to avoid the risk to your health in crowded environmentssuch as the Chonchocoro prison, where he must serve his preventive detention for the case called Golpe I.

This is a condition that lowers defenses drastically and quickly. in the patient and leaves him exposed to infections that could be potentially fatal. Luis Fernando Camacho has been suffering from this condition for many years. But the way to deal with it is to receive a periodic serum that penhances his defenses and allows him a normal life”.

Since yesterday, Thursday, members of the Creemos group have insisted on the need for proper medical care for the governor. Deputy Erwin Bazán directed a vehement request to the authorities to allow Camacho to enter a health center for at least 24 hours.

The medical report warns that “in his current place of detention there are no minimum conditions to apply this medicine, since it is not a normal serum, but one that requires (a) special type of device,” the statement continued.

One of the lawyers for the governor of Santa Cruz, Juan Carlos Camacho, told Red Uno that they filed a freedom action so that the authority could receive medical attention and the corresponding treatment to his clinical condition. He emphasizes that this was recommended by the judge who heard the case.

They will ask that the governor be transferred to another prison, since he does not meet the conditions that his health requires, which puts him at risk.

This Friday, the senator and cardiovascular surgeon, Henry Montero explained that the treatment of the governor from Santa Cruz requires a infusion pump, through which the immunoglobulin is supplied for 24 hours. ANDThe process must be assisted by a specialist doctor and a nurse, to prevent adverse effects, such as allergies, tachycardia and others that would complicate Camacho’s health.

Montero also indicated that, due to this underlying disease, Camacho already fI was hospitalized on several occasions in various clinics in Santa Cruz and explained that the last hospitalization he had was due to digestive bleeding, from which he was stabilized with blood supplements.

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