Camacho: the best electoral scenario is for Carrizo to be the pro-government candidate, that would be like hitting a drunk

Angel Valdes | January 3, 2023

The spokesman for former President Ricardo Martinelli, Luis Eduardo Camacho, in an interview on Radio Panama spoke about the meeting held by Cambio Democrático deputies with Martinelli in a local restaurant while the President of the Republic Laurentino Cortizo gave his report to the Nation from the National Assembly, in addition to the possibilities of Vice President Gabriel Carrizo for the 2024 elections.

He argued that Panamanians do not listen to a report to the nation but excuses to the nation “These three and a half years the Cortizo government continues to make excuses, without understanding that Panamanians do not elect rulers to make excuses, but to give them solutions and not even The Varela government, nor Cortizo have given solutions or the quality of life that Panamanians had during the five years of Ricardo Martinelli’s government,” said Camacho.

On the relations between the Realizando Metas party and the representatives of Cambio Democrático «There are a significant number of members of this political party who understand that the correct path is to lead that party to an alliance with Realizando Metas and Ricardo Martinelli at the head, because The current president of that party (CD) has been manifest to promote an alliance with Blandon’s Varalista party that would be an alliance of the Titanic and nobody wants to get on that ship»

For Camacho, in the real polls, the current Vice President Gaby Carrizo scores well below in the polls «In the real polls, as a candidate, he has never scored more than 3%, he is more often 2%, which is why Martinelli said that the best electoral scenario is that Carrizo be the pro-government candidate, that would be like hitting a drunkard”

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