Camacho: “If the government wants to disqualify Martinelli, we are going to face them in the streets”

Angel Valdes | June 1, 2023

The Secretary General of the Realizando Metas party, Luis Eduardo Camacho, was on Radio Panama where he spoke about the New Business Case where he considers it a “Chimbo” case to disqualify Ricardo Martinelli and about the RM primaries for this Sunday, June 4 .

Regarding the New Business Case, Camacho considers that it is a false case of money laundering to disqualify Martinelli “This account received the funds from a group of businessmen, mostly from the Jewish community, who later sought other investors and they are the ones who They invite Ricardo Martinelli to participate in the purchase of this media group and that is documented, here what they wanted to show was that Ricardo Martinelli had opened the New Business account to collect illicit funds from cost overruns and that he was the one who planned the purchase of Panama America and they have sold people a story, but the Panamanian people are clear about what is happening.

For Camacho, this case is only to prevent Martinelli from running in the 2024 general elections. to be able to do, and we are going to defeat them electorally, the most absurd thing is that they believe that by removing Martinelli their reality changes, the government candidates no matter who they put, they have no way of winning the election because all the surveys say that this government has 71% disapproval,” Camacho said.

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