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In total, 22 tables will be set up for this Sunday, December 18, in the simultaneous internal elections of the political groups.

The Electoral Justice accompanies the different logistical and technical political groups that will fight for different positions, on the occasion, will be 19 political parties and 3 political movements who will be elected by their authorities at the institution’s headquarters.

For this purpose, it will make its facilities available to enable the polling stations for various political groups that will participate in these internships. With this, it seeks to provide facilities to voters who intend to vote for these political groups Sunday.

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The groups that will have polling stations at the headquarters, They are the National Union of Ethical Citizens Party (UNACE); Citizen Participation Party; Let’s Unite National Party; Paraguayan Tekopyahu Party; Youth Party; Paraguayan Green Party; National Party of the People 30 A; Popular Unity Party and the Heirs Democratic Socialist Party.

So too will they be authorized polling stations belonging to the Popular Socialist Convergence Party; Tekojoja People’s Party; Progressive Democratic Party; National Crusade Party; Paraguayan Pyahura Party; Common Force Party; Political Party Freedom Republic; Independent Patriots Party; Independent Party of Disabled Persons and the Political Party the Homeland First.

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The political movements who will do the same are: Movimiento Nacional Únete Paraguay; Patriotic Citizen Coordination Movement and the Citizen Unity Movement for Asunción.

It should be noted that the political groups in charge of their respective Electoral Tribunals are in charge of organizing the simultaneous inmates.

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