Call for the First Bolivarian Congress of Industrial Technical Education

Between July 6 and 7, the First Bolivarian Congress of Industrial Technical Education will be held at the Bolivarian University of Venezuela (UBV), which brings together all the technicians graduated from the Industrial Technical School of Los Chaguaramos “Luis Caballero Mejías ”, as well as the students and teachers.

On the sixth there will be a lecture by Professor Eliseo Mago Brito, about the history of the first Industrial Technical School in the country, its characteristics and its excellent quality. On the seventh, at 10 in the morning, there will be reports of training experiences of the students and professional experiences, by the graduated technicians. At two in the afternoon, they will carry out workshops for reflection and analysis of the educational sector of Industrial Technical Education.

In the event, proposals will be made for the rescue of this Education, and the importance of preparing young people as technicians, in different specialties, will also be highlighted.

In addition, the ETI (Industrial Technical School) of Los Chaguaramos, founded by engineer Luis Caballero Mejías, from which numerous generations of specialists graduated, will be remembered and exalted.

Source: CCS City


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