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Caixa reaches BRL 1.7 billion in renegotiated debts

Extraordinary FGTS withdrawal can still be made today

Caixa released today (28) the partial balance of the debt negotiation program Você no Azul. So far, 201,000 customers have settled their debts, totaling R$1.7 billion renegotiated.

According to Caixa, discounts can reach 90% of the debt value after the particular evaluation of each contract. The bank estimates that 80% of debts can be settled with payments of up to R$ 1,000. Around 4 million individuals and 396,000 legal entities are able to obtain easy renegotiation conditions.

Anyone interested in settling their debts can still look for bank branches until tomorrow (29), the last day of regularization campaign. The service can also be accessed on the Você no Azul website, via WhatsApp Caixa (0800 104 0104), on the Cartão Caixa application and at lottery outlets.

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