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Caixa Pra Elas launches first service action in São Paulo

The first Caixa Pra Elas – Empreendedoras service action was launched this Tuesday (18) in São Paulo, in a shopping center do Brás, a neighborhood that concentrates the clothing trade and attracts buyers from all over the country, mainly for resale operations.

For this audience, largely made up of women, the bank’s stand offers, until the 26th of this month, complete assistance to women, with products and services from Caixa Econômica Federal. The service will be from 8 am to 4 pm.

In partnership with the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (Sebrae), female entrepreneurs have training sessions, guidelines for the development of their own business and formalization as individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEI), as well as indication of courses and lectures on entrepreneurship. .

According to Caixa’s president, Daniella Marques, the program is aimed at all women who want to undertake. “We want to generate opportunities for them to be trained, to open their business. It is an opportunity for those who want to grow and take off. We have credit for those who are already informal, or autonomous. and wants to have the breath to buy merchandise or invest.”Caixa Pra Elas launches first service action in São Paulo

Daniella also said that Caixa Pra Elas – Empreendedoras is an invitation to formalize, since, if you open the MEI, after 12 months, the person will have access to credit programs with more scale and cheaper interest. “That’s what we want to encourage”, added the executive, during the launch of the service action this morning, in São Paulo.

Launched in August of this year, the program is open to any woman, from any field. “Any woman can apply, if the woman already works as a self-employed person, as a sack worker here in Brás, for example, she can formalize herself and will have access to a credit from R$ 1 thousand. If it is already formalized, in this action, it has a partnership with Sebrae, guarantor together with Caixa, it has Pronampe [Programa Nacional de Apoio às Microempresas e Empresas de Pequeno Porte]which is the program in which the federal government is the guarantor, and has a 12-month grace period”, he explained.

In this action, Caixa hopes to grant R$ 1 billion in credit to women. “Since the beginning, more than 1 million companies have been assisted. For women who just want to start and have the will, they are at Auxilio Brasil, they want to take a course to start an activity, there is free training. When she completes the course, she will access the credit of R$ 1 thousand. We have R$ 1 billion available in this action. Even if she is negative, the program will help her to get out of this indebtedness cycle, start to take off and create more and more independence for her and her family”, Daniela highlighted.

Also present at the event, the Minister of Women, Cristiane Brito, stressed that the project is not just marketing. “We’re talking about taking women out of the cycle of violence, talking about freedom for that woman whose dream is to be an entrepreneur, but who never had a bank account. Many women stay with one person, because they depend economically, because they first think about food for their child. They don’t have autonomy, they can’t act,” he said.

Entrepreneurship Week

Caixa Pra Elas – Empreendedoras is part of the 1st Fashion Entrepreneurship Week at Shopping Mega Polo Moda, in Brás, which will take place from the 22nd to the 26th of this month, with the participation of entrepreneurs of all sizes in the sector, with various practical activities to leverage of business.

At the program’s stand, women will have access to the bank’s main lines of credit and other products and services that offer various exclusive benefits, such as the Previdência Pra Elas plan, the Vida Mulher insurance and the Rapidex Mulher specialized assistance service.

Women also have a break in the payment of loan installments during maternity or adoption leave, exemption from fees and investments with differentiated profitability. Lines of credit at reduced rates are also offered.

For informal entrepreneurs, a Caixa Tem account is offered (free digital); loan from Caixa Tem, of up to R$ 1 thousand, with an interest rate of 1.95% to 3.99% per month and a term of 12 to 24 months; credit card without annuity forever and Family Support Insurance, with an annual value of R$ 30.

Individual micro-entrepreneurs will have access to the PJ current account; Free Pix for payments and sales; easy access to loans without the need to present a real guarantee and a grace period in the payments of the installments (Fampe [Fundo de Aval às Micro e Pequenas Empresas], Pronampe); microcredit of up to R$ 3 thousand, with an interest rate from 1.99% to 3.60% per month and a term of 18 to 24 months; credit card with exemption from the first annuity and Azulzinha machine, with payment within two business days and, for MEIs that earn more than R$ 100 per month, exemption from rent.


For training, Sebrae’s online and WhatsApp courses will be indicated, in addition to directing customers to the body’s physical and digital channels.

In addition to the action in São Paulo, until November 19, Caixa and Sebrae are promoting actions to assist female entrepreneurship throughout the country, offering credit lines, training courses and guidance for the development of their own business.

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