Caixa inaugurates +Millionária today with a minimum prize of R$ 10 million

Caixa inaugurates +Millionária today with a minimum prize of R$ 10 million

Caixa will draw today (28) the newest federal lottery, the +Millionária. Unlike Mega Sena – the most popular draw with the biggest prizes -, the new modality is composed of two different markings in the same game. In the first marking, the player must choose 6 tens from 1 to 50. In the second, called Cloverthe player must choose two numbers from 1 to 6. The grand prize goes to whoever manages to match the six tens and both clover numbers. Caixa inaugurates +Millionária today with a minimum prize of R$ 10 million

In addition to the different form of betting, +Millionária also brings innovations in the award. There are no jackpots and all draws will offer at least R$10 million. The draw will take place weekly and will offer 10 different prize tiers – another peculiarity when compared to Mega-Sena, which only offers three prize tiers: court, corner and sena.

According to Caixa, the chances of hitting the six dozen and the two clovers is small: one in 238,360,500. The chances of hitting for the lower prize tiers, however, are higher. The chance of having the value of the bet returned (R$ 6) is one in 15, being necessary to match two numbers from the main game and only one clover.


See how the prize pool will be distributed among the winning bets of +Millionaire:

Range hits Chance Award
1 6 tens + 2 clovers 1 in 238,360,500 62% of the minimum premium of BRL 10 million
two 6 tens + 1 clover or 6 tens 1 in 17,025,750 10% of the premium
3 5 tens + 2 clovers 1 in 902,881 8% of the premium
4 5 tens + 1 clover or 5 tens 1 in 64,491 8% of the premium
5 4 tens + 2 clovers 1 in 16,798 6% of the premium
6 4 tens + 1 clover or 4 tens 1 in 1,200 6% of the premium
7 3 tens + 2 clovers 1 in 900 Fixed amount of BRL 50
8 3 tens + 1 clover 1 in 112 Fixed amount of BRL 24
9 2 tens + 2 clovers 1 in 117 Fixed amount of BRL 12
10 2 tens + 1 clover 1 out of 15 Fixed amount of BRL 6

How to bet?

Like other federal lotteries, bets can traditionally be placed at lottery houses. It is also possible to place bets onlinethrough the Caixa website. To make the digital bet, the user must be over 18 years old and have a valid credit card to play the game. Caixa will receive bets from +Millionaire until 4 pm this Saturday.

Watch the betting tutorial:

What to do with the prize?

For the lucky person who manages to hit the +Millionaire combinations, Caixa informs that the R$ 10 million can yield around R$ 63 thousand if invested in savings. With the money, it is possible to buy 169 popular Renault Kwid Zen 1.0 cars, at R$ 59,090 each. If the winner is a digital investment enthusiast, the grand prize can guarantee 73.5 bitcoins at the time of the report (R$ 136,043).


Published in the Official Gazette of the 18th of April, +Millionaire started receiving bets in early May. The new lottery marks the celebration of 60 years of Caixa’s sports lotteries, and is the 11th lottery in the bank’s portfolio.

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