Cae alias 'Perea', strong man of the 'Clan del Golfo' in Antioquia

Cae alias ‘Perea’, strong man of the ‘Clan del Golfo’ in Antioquia

The director of the National Police, General Jorge Luis Vargas, confirmed that in a recent operation The leader of the Jorge Iván Arboleda Garcés substructure of the GAO ‘Los del Golfo’, Haminton Mosquera alias ‘Perea’, was killed.

“In a very important operation in lower Cauca, the neutralization of five criminals from the ‘Gulf Clan’ was achieved in the substructure directly led by alias Chiquito Malo,” the officer said.

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In addition, the general announced that six more members died in the operation and five people allegedly linked to the substructure were captured criminal ‘Los del Golfo’.

“Alias ​​’Perea’ and his gang were neutralized when they confronted Jungle commandos from the Antinarcotics Directorate, in the development of a raid and search of a property located in Vereda La Clarita in the municipality of Vegachí, Antioquia” , he claimed.

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Who was alias ‘Perea’?

Haminton Mosquera was demobilized from the Centauros Bloc of the extinct Gaitanist Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC), counting on a track record of more than 15 years in different criminal organizations. At the moment had under his command around 100 members of the GAO ‘Los del Golfo’ in the Northeast Subregion of the department of Antioquia.

Between May 5 and 10, 2022, he coordinated criminal activities against the Public Force and the population within the framework of the self-proclaimed armed strike. Among the criminal activities are the homicide of patrolman Edison Acevedo Betancur, attached to the Caracolí Police station, who was traveling in civilian clothes, on a motorcycle between the municipalities of Yolombó and Vegachí, Antioquia, in events that occurred on May 6.

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