Cadicap and Dicapar denounce Petropar

Before the Specialized Unit for Economic Crimes, in the criminal complaints office, this Thursday, September 15, the Fuel Distributor and Associates of Paraguay (Dicapar) and the Paraguayan Fuel Distributor Chamber (Cadicap) filed a complaint for serious irregularities in the management Petropar administrative

The complaint filed mentions the commission of punishable acts such as breach of trust, immediate production of public documents and others by the president of Petropar, Denis Lichi, and other members of the board.

The brief presented has 14 pages where it is indicated, among other points, that there is no control over the investment made by Petropar. This situation, which is seen as detrimental to the state oil company, is given by the fact that the transfer of margins as a distributor is granted according to the “client’s face”, in a discretionary manner without a uniform criterion that quantifies everyone by Same.

“The state oil company is not a private company, it is public and, as such, its assets belong to the State and the Paraguayan citizens. Given this situation, we believe that if Petropar loses money, the public treasury is affected,” explained lawyer José Almada.

The complaint is filed after the confirmation of numerous irregularities in the actions of the president of Petropar, members and directors, especially with the contracts of the state oil company as a distributor and with the relationship with some private fuel operators.

The accusation arises because there is a situation that must be investigated by the Public Ministry in relation to the transfer of discretionary margins and profits to certain service station operators, many of them politicians and/or relatives of politicians.

From Dicapar and Cadicap it is considered that Petropar cannot benefit a single sector, because it is a state distributor and cannot be managed in a discretionary manner favoring a few and causing multimillion-dollar patrimonial damage to the State.

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