Cabinet authorizes the AN to present a bill to guarantee the supply of medicines

The Cabinet Council in its session this afternoon authorized the Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre, to present to the National Assembly the bill: “Regulation of medicines, inputs, devices and other products for human health, their public acquisition and other provisions are dictated”

T he bill that is the product of the work of the Technical Board of Medicines, chaired by the Vice President of the Republic, José Gabriel Carrizo, seeks the supply of quality medicines, at low cost and with quick access for the population.

The vice president presented an executive report of the project in which he highlighted that it seeks to comply with the action of the Government Plan to go from “There is no” to “There is” in terms of medicines and mitigate a problem faced by the population of more than 40 years.

He thanked the 26 institutions and more than 53 people who participated, including representatives of chronic disease associations, universities and business associations who sought consensus to produce this proposal.

The initiative creates the National Medicines Observatory, attached to the Minsa and also creates a new technological platform with which the supply, traceability and transparency in the management of medicines will be strengthened.

It also proposes a series of regulatory measures and establishes a purchasing procedure for the rapid supply of medicines, which seeks greater transparency in public purchases with the use of the Panama Compra platform.

In addition, it establishes the protection of the budget destined for purchases of medicines so that it is not reduced.

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