Cabildo for the census: civic members see "government concern" about Friday's call

Cabildo for the census: civic members see “government concern” about Friday’s call

September 25, 2022, 9:05 PM

September 25, 2022, 9:05 PM

The vice president of the Civic Committee for Santa Cruz, Fernando Larach, qualifies as “drowned kicks” the announcement of a ‘counter-council’ for related to the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS). The call for September 28 aims to overshadow the appointment scheduled for Friday 30 in El Cristo in demand for a timely and transparent census.

“The Government sees with concern the council“organized by the Interinstitutional Committee for the Promotion of the Census, Larach points out. The civic observes the continuous allusions of authorities of the national Executive for underestimating the position of Santa Cruz regarding the Census. With the ‘counter-council’ they seek to “confuse the population”.

The organization of the council corresponds to the Civic Committee. Applications have already been sent to the Mayor’s Office to request the use of public space. The appropriate information has also been sent to the Departmental Police Command so that it can take the necessary precautions in traffic.

Larach details the shipment of a third letter to the Departmental Electoral Body “to send observers to the council”. It is about complying with the proper formalities to validate the decisions that are made.

Regarding the development of the council itself, the speakers have not yet been defined. “Until Thursday we will have something more concrete,” he clarifies.

For the moment, “we are talking with the institutions” and they take advantage of the civic entity’s stand at the fair “to listen to the feelings of the people. Both the civic president, Rómulo Calvo, and Larach himself receive people at the aforementioned stand.

During the ephemeris for the 212 cry for freedom of Santa Cruz, Governor Luis Fernando Camacho has repeated the call to the population to attend the town hall on Friday the 30th. On at least three occasions he referred to the importance of going en masse to El Cristo.

Larach also launches the same summons. “The general feeling is that the census should be carried out in 2023,” he says. He is aware that, for this, “the Government has the key” and “a little bit of will is required, as the illustrious son of the city, Julio Kempff, said to President Arce,” he highlights.

Regarding the very development of the council, Larach expects a massive concentration “to make decisions for the good of Santa Cruz and Bolivia.”

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