Cabello: we have agreements with the UN but that money belongs to the people

Cabello: we have agreements with the UN but that money belongs to the people

The first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, stressed that the agreement of the national dialogue table is beneficial to the Venezuelan people.

In addition, he assured that although the resources that will be returned to Venezuela will be through the United Nations Organization (UN), they belong to the people and will be used for their benefit.

«We have some project agreements with the UN and what happens if the UN is there? We don’t care, that money is from Venezuela,” he said, referring to the three billion dollars for education, electricity, health and other well-defined projects, which they agreed to recover in the dialogue.

“The great beneficiary of the dialogue is the people of Venezuela. The PSUV applauds the restart of dialogue in Mexico, and its proposals and results,” Cabello said at a press conference.

The revolutionary leader highlighted as positive that the agreements reached are those in the social, political and economic area. “We hope that they -opposition- comply.”

He emphasized that the National Government knows the priorities of the people, by accepting the international organization as the means of executing the resources agreed at the dialogue table.


On the other hand, Cabello criticized the sector of the Venezuelan opposition where free elections are requested, and recalled that in Venezuela, electoral guarantees “have been given for a long time. We have the most efficient electoral system in much of the world.”

He asserted that the opposition’s problem is recognition of the National Electoral Council (CNE), since they only recognize their own triumphs and not their defeats.

He also recalled that when the opposition won the National Assembly (AN) elections “the CNE or the fingerprint scanners did not object because they won.”

“Electoral conditions have been in place in Venezuela for a long time and here we are never going to return to ballots, that is time from the past, from the old Venezuelan politics,” he said.

Likewise, he said that fingerprint scanners are not going to be eliminated here because they guarantee that each person casts a vote.

He insisted that the Venezuelan opposition is divided, each one for their own side, “but they are the same ones who participated in the 2002 coup, in the attempted invasions of our country, in the attempted coup in Altamira, the same that CITGO and Monomeros were stolen,” he said.

Dialogue in Colombia

Referring to the peace talks between the National Liberation Army (ELN) and the Government of Colombian President Gustavo Petro, with Venezuela as mediator, Cabello assured that peace in Colombia has repercussions throughout the continent.

welcome peacethe Bolivarian Government, not from now but from always, has maintained that criterion”, he stated regarding the request made by President Petro that Venezuela be a facilitator in the negotiation process.

In this sense, Cabello emphasized that “Venezuela is here fulfilling our Homeland and the entire continent, for the peace of the peoples. The peace of Colombia is our peace and it is the peace of this continent”, he reiterated.

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