Cabello: the time has come to regulate the financing received by NGOs

Cabello: the time has come to regulate the financing received by NGOs

The head of the Homeland bloc, deputy Diosdado Cabello, presented this Tuesday before the plenary session of the National Assembly the bill for the Oversight and Regularization of the Organization and Financing of Venezuelan Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), since in his opinion , «the time has come to regulate the issue».

He denounced that NGOs have received more than 3 billion dollars from the United States, for which he insisted that “the time has come to regulate the financing” that these organizations receive, he stressed.

He insisted that these organizations that have received this huge amount of money from the US are related to people or opposition groups.

“These NGOs are not independent, behind them there are faces, names, political parties, there is no information to whom these resources have been delivered and how they have been used.”

He assured that the extremist groups of Voluntad Popular and Primero Justicia are behind the NGOs. «Fundación Más Ciudadanos, which especially finances Ucab, Provea, to name a few. But the time has come to legislate this issue. We have to know what this funding is invested in, what the NGOs really do with these resources, because if it is for political purposes, register as a political party”, he said.

He warned: “If you are a real NGO, you have nothing to fear, you must register and review your financing, and inspection, no problem, those who come out screaming are those who are entangled, they are in evidence. If we review who is behind them, there is a small group of people who live like kings and have audiences in all parts of the world, “she insisted.

Cabello commented that these instruments did not exist in the Fourth Republic, before the big media were their political weapons. “They are the new channels used by imperialism and its allies to finance destabilization plans and coups d’état.

He recalled that Bolivia, Nicaragua and Ecuador denounced these mechanisms to set agendas, since he urged the plenary to support this bill because “prompt regulation is urgent. Behind that, what there is is the ambitions of political groups that have no face how to present themselves and do so behind an NGO.

«NGOs are actually instruments for the development of destabilizing plans and the theft of millionaire funds disbursed abroad. He added that in their actions they recruit young people and depoliticize them or push them where it is most convenient for them ».


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