Cabello: for the extremist right, the people are a nuisance

Cabello: for the extremist right, the people are a nuisance

Within the framework of the marches in support of President Nicolás Maduro, the first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabelloparticipated in the mobilization of the San Agustín parish this Thursday.

During a tour of the parish, he invited the organized community and all the people of this parish to approach the extremist right-wing candidates and question them about their actions, which were aimed at generating violence and death in the country.

“You have all the arguments so that these people who asked for bombings, invasions, sanctions, blockades and who now come to San Agustín to ask for their vote, tell them why you come here to ask for my vote after you asked that they invade us, that they bomb us? Where are your children? ”, He said and was ironic about the denunciations of these extremist sectors that accuse the people of being “violent”.

“Those people now call us violent, those people who asked for bombings, sanctions now call us violent because we asked them and demanded answers,” he said.

“For them the Town is a nuisance, so they come and ask for invasions, they sabotage the electrical service (…) and now they come to San Agustín to tell the people to vote for them,” he said during his speech.

He celebrated the warm reception of the inhabitants of San Agustín, “San Agustín is strength, it is love, it is Revolution, it is true culture, it is joy,” he said.

“When they come here, they have to tell those people: Don’t dress up because you’re not going, it’s Nicolás who is going,” he said.

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