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Cabello denounced Bishop Basabe’s “business” with the Pastora’s procession

Cabello denounced Bishop Basabe's "business" with the Pastora's procession

The first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, denounced Bishop Víctor Hugo Basabe for negotiating with a flannel company for the procession of La Divina Pastora held on January 14 in the city of Barquisimeto.

The accusation indicates that Basabe, who holds the position of Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Barquisimeto, would have established a contract with the company A2 Venezuela for the elaboration of the “official flannels” for this event, for which he had requested 30% of the the profit on sales.

“How much was the percentage that you had left from this procession? A flannel was sold that cost 15 dollars. The cooperating patriot tells me that you had 30% left and that you hired a company called A2 Venezuela, ”he revealed during his program Con el Mazo Dando.

Showing images of the flannels, Cabello stressed that they had the image of Divina Pastora, the emblem of the company A2 Venezuela and the shield of the Archdiocese of Barquisimeto.

“The archdiocese advertising a company that was going to give Basabe 30% for the flannels,” he insisted and announced that he would investigate “how many flannels were printed.”

“They do that because they believe that no one is going to find out and I have some cooperating patriots who pass that on to me,” he said.

“That one is flirting to repeat next year again,” he ironized while questioning that the bishop had used the Divina Pastora mass to issue a political speech.

“Why didn’t you take advantage of that space and talk about the more than 600 complaints of pedophilia that have been raised in Venezuela? 600 complaints and this man does not say anything, ”he questioned.

“With maulas you don’t talk”

The psuvista leader expressed his support for the words pronounced by the president of the National Assembly, Jorge Rodríguez regarding the dialogue with the extremist sector of the opposition grouped under the so-called “Unitary Platform”.

“Yesterday our fellow president of the AN was very clear; The opposition does not have a word, sitting down to talk is not worth it if they do not bring the money that they stole and that they promised to bring ”, he pointed out.

In this sense, he urged the signatory opponents to “look for the money, return the money they stole from the Venezuelans.”

“Tell their masters (the United States) to give them the money because they are looking very bad,” he said.

He called the recent meeting between representatives of the extremist opposition and US official Jame Story a “shame”.

“When one sees these photos it must be a shame to be in the opposition and to be receiving orders from the gringos, in the photo the one missing is Mr. Brian Nichols who gives the order directly to them and tells them: now they have to say or do such a thing. thing,” he said.

He affirmed that in that meeting between representatives of the opposition extremism and officials of the United States Government, the North American administration refused to deliver resources promised by the Unitary Platform in the dialogue.

“There they scolded them because now the money that they were going to deliver for social investment does not appear, and it seems that the gringos found out there and told them ‘and when did you sign that,'” he said.

He warned that in the midst of the internal fights of the opposition and the weakening of the opposition leadership, they are implementing destabilizing actions against the country.

“They take credit for the mobilizations that have taken place in the country and our people are there waiting,” he pointed out and warned that “this opposition leadership that has been dissolving and that is more divided every day is looking everywhere to see how they destabilize the Revolution with campaigns”.

He highlighted the mobilization capacity of the people who support the government of President Nicolás Maduro and invited these sectors of the opposition to renew their leadership.

“We have learned something, we have some accumulated experience and you are the same clumsy as you have been every year, you are experts in failures and you do not step aside to make way for new leaders, your new leaders are Diego Arria, Calderón Berti, etc.” , narrowed.

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