Cabello calls critics of the salary increase foolish and demagogues

The first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, described the critics of the announcements to increase workers’ incomes made by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, as “insane” and “demagogues”.

During the 429th edition of his program Con el Mazo Dando on Wednesday, the PSU leader denounced the existence of a campaign against the figure of President Maduro.

“Let’s be careful with the campaigns against brother President Nicolás Maduro from some who claim to be revolutionaries and Chavistas because they are not satisfied with the announcements made by the president on May 1,” he warned while inviting the workers to evaluate the similarity of the speech opposition and these sectors.

“Read what Juanito Alimaña (Juan Guaidó), Julio Borges, writes, what (Henrique) Capriles writes, what people on the right write and how it resembles what these spokespersons say. Now whoever is unaware of the situation our country is going through, what he exposes is his bad intentions because at this point no one can be unaware of the situation of our country, ”he said.

The President gave his face

He emphasized that “no one can ignore numbers in hand, explained, saying that for every 100 dollars we were receiving we are now receiving one, that since 2014 we have stopped receiving more than 29,000 million dollars annually, which translates into more than 232,000 million dollars in these years, all because of the blockade, the sanctions”.

He exalted the attitude of the national President. “Do you know what a revolutionary does when he has nothing to give? Show your face! And that was what the brother President Nicolás Maduro did; he put his face, his word, his commitment to the workers and workers of this country, ”he highlighted.

He reiterated that, regarding the issue of workers’ income, “there is no meeting where we are in which the president does not claim the issue of seeking resources to recover the real income of workers.”

“Nicolás is not a man of poses, he is not a man of calculating things as some miserable out there suggest. In the midst of the terrible situation, Nicolás went out to face the workers and went even beyond what he could offer, sacrificing other areas, and if he could have tripled that amount, he would triple it if he had had the resources, but he doesn’t. ”, he pointed out.

He insisted that “on this issue of attacks you have to be very aware because sometimes we shoot and do damage.”

“I tell you something: I don’t think there was anyone more demoralized with the ads than Nicolás himself because he wanted to give more to the workers, I know, and he went and put his face because some bet that the way the situation Nicolás was not going to come out and, what was the speech afterwards, say ‘oh no it was’. Well, the President went there to show his face as our Commander Chávez taught us, to show his face to our people”, he stressed.

Restored with Nicholas

Cabello did not hesitate to emphasize his support for President Nicolás Maduro “through thick and thin,” while lashing out at those who offer salary increases that he said are unrealizable in the current context of the Venezuelan economy.

“Whoever falls for it sucks, but I rest with Nicolás through thick and thin, I don’t care what they say. Sometimes they fall into foolishness and lose moral authority because they claim without taking into account the true conditions that exist in this country where the gringos were stealing Citgo from us on the same day of the announcement (of the increase), it is not easy. Demagogy is butter, but this town is very aware and I have no doubt that this town will continue to advance, it will continue to rest in revolution, I have no doubt, ”he sentenced.

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