Cabello asked the new magistrates to join the judicial revolution

Cabello asked the new magistrates to join the judicial revolution

Deputy Diosdado Cabello, as president of the Special Commission for the Judicial Revolution, urged the magistrates appointed by the National Assembly to join immediately in this process, since it is an instruction from President Nicolás Maduro, to give priority to the restructuring of the judicial system of the country.

“Today they will begin to exercise their functions and must join the work ordered by President Maduro, as established in article 53 of the Magna Carta, to undertake a revolution in the judicial system,” he stressed.

He recalled that the outgoing magistrates were appointed in 2015. “December 23, 2015 was the last review of the TSJ, these magistrates had a political meaning for the peace of the country, it was a retaining wall,” he stressed.

“He sent his thanks to them for having washed the face of the highest court in the country and for becoming a retaining wall during these years. He repudiated the former Supreme Court of Justice for deciding that there was no coup on April 11, 2002, but that it was an action by a group of soldiers pregnant with good intentions.

“The convenient justice of the Fourth Republic in Venezuela must disappear,” said Cabello, addressing the new magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice, and the heads of the General Inspectorate of Courts (IGT) and the National School of the Magistracy (ENM) , appointed by the National Assembly this Tuesday, in accordance with article 264 of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

“The magistrates will enter with full force to do their job. It smells of justice in Venezuela for the year 2022. To the good listener, few words. Justice will come soon, for those who asked for an invasion of the country. He who understood, he understood, ”he stressed.

Cabello stressed that the Special Commission for the Judicial Revolution managed to ensure that “more than 28,000 Venezuelans who were being tried, many of them with cases paralyzed for four or five years for minor crimes, enjoy alternative measures or are with their families.”

On behalf of the block of the Homeland, he congratulated the members of the Judicial Nominations Committee of the National Assembly to whom he extended his recognition for the 96 days of work carried out. He indicated that these designations, in consensus with the opposition, “are necessary for the country.”

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